easter fun & frolics

I take Easter quite seriously – not because I’m religious, but because there’s chocolate. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE. And a 4-day pass to immerse myself in it. What could be more glorious?!

As I’m very impatient when it comes to food, even more so when it comes to sweets, I decided to create a pre-feast feast for me and my boyfriend. Naturally, this involved clambering around on my hands and knees to spell out Eggstravaganza in mini eggs.









There were also crème eggs and Easter eggs (when in Rome…), plus clotted cream ice cream and raspberry frozen yoghurt for post-choc sundaes. Yes, I might have come dangerously close to throwing up, and, granted, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t sleep so much as dip into a sugar coma, but I had a fantastic time.








It also gave me the excuse to decorate the flat with Hank + Hunt’s gorgeous bunting. Stringing it up gave the dirty fatty banquet a sense of occasion, even though my boyfriend mocked me endlessly. He will never understand the need for bunting.


beginning to bake

Many of my childhood afternoons were spent with my nanna, elbow-deep in cake batter and knee-high in flour, cooking up every kind of treat imaginable. Fast forward 15 years and my love of baking hasn’t changed, and my kitchen skills are… well, also exactly the same. Whilst my friends pipe buttercream roses and fondant butterflies, I stick to what I know: the kiddie baking aisle at Tesco.

Chocolate sprinkles aside, I did learn a few things whilst making this batch. I’m a big believer in Nanna Knows Best, so it never even occurred to me that her sponge recipe isn’t everyone’s sponge recipe – imagine my surprise when I overheard a colleague banging on about an all-in-one mixing technique! Blasphemy, I thought, shooting her a Nanna Scowl for good measure. I refused to entertain such a slap-dash, tarty approach. You might as well bake with your knicks off, for God’s sake.

But after a bit of angry googling, I read that Delia’s a fan, and if there’s one thing that trumps Nanna Knowledge it’s The Gospel of Delia Smith. So whilst it was a struggle downing tools at the creaming butter/sugar stage, I gave it a go. The batter seemed the same (I triple checked this for… ahem… ‘research purposes’), but once cooked I could have wedged doors open with these all-in-oners. Has anyone else found this? Delia can’t be wrong, surely? Maybe I should go for round two, if only for the extensive taste testing…

confessions & introductions

I feel a little creepy admitting this, but I’m a bit of a lurker. For years I’ve followed (worshiped) craft and interiors blogs, silently clicking around like some kind of internet ninja. A tad weird, eh? One of my new year’s resolutions was to take a deep breath and grow some blogging balls, so threeish months later and balls finally intact, here I am – welcome to Make Bake Decorate! In the spirit of getting chatty, let me tell you a bit about it…

Lots has changed recently. Big stuff. I’m still the same girl who spoons peanut butter into her gob whilst watching Location, Location, Location, but everything else has gone doolally. Basically, I got a promotion at work (yes!), waved goodbye to my lovely housemate, and by some miracle, now live in the most gorgeous flat EVER.

So I’m starting this blog as one massive before and after shot. Although my flat is beautiful, it’s bare. It has furniture and peanut butter (see above) and not much else. I’m hoping that by the process of creative osmosis, or hilarious trial and error, getting busy with washi tape and jelly rolls will transform me into a mini Nigella. Either way, I’m sussing out what a bain-marie is.

Or that’s the plan, at least. Considering my last attempt at baking created ‘Cruel Cookies’ and my crochet flowers are unravelling as I type, this makeover could take a while. Onwards and upwards it is, then!