easter fun & frolics

I take Easter quite seriously – not because I’m religious, but because there’s chocolate. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE. And a 4-day pass to immerse myself in it. What could be more glorious?!

As I’m very impatient when it comes to food, even more so when it comes to sweets, I decided to create a pre-feast feast for me and my boyfriend. Naturally, this involved clambering around on my hands and knees to spell out Eggstravaganza in mini eggs.









There were also crème eggs and Easter eggs (when in Rome…), plus clotted cream ice cream and raspberry frozen yoghurt for post-choc sundaes. Yes, I might have come dangerously close to throwing up, and, granted, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t sleep so much as dip into a sugar coma, but I had a fantastic time.








It also gave me the excuse to decorate the flat with Hank + Hunt’s gorgeous bunting. Stringing it up gave the dirty fatty banquet a sense of occasion, even though my boyfriend mocked me endlessly. He will never understand the need for bunting.


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