beginning to bake

Many of my childhood afternoons were spent with my nanna, elbow-deep in cake batter and knee-high in flour, cooking up every kind of treat imaginable. Fast forward 15 years and my love of baking hasn’t changed, and my kitchen skills are… well, also exactly the same. Whilst my friends pipe buttercream roses and fondant butterflies, I stick to what I know: the kiddie baking aisle at Tesco.

Chocolate sprinkles aside, I did learn a few things whilst making this batch. I’m a big believer in Nanna Knows Best, so it never even occurred to me that her sponge recipe isn’t everyone’s sponge recipe – imagine my surprise when I overheard a colleague banging on about an all-in-one mixing technique! Blasphemy, I thought, shooting her a Nanna Scowl for good measure. I refused to entertain such a slap-dash, tarty approach. You might as well bake with your knicks off, for God’s sake.

But after a bit of angry googling, I read that Delia’s a fan, and if there’s one thing that trumps Nanna Knowledge it’s The Gospel of Delia Smith. So whilst it was a struggle downing tools at the creaming butter/sugar stage, I gave it a go. The batter seemed the same (I triple checked this for… ahem… ‘research purposes’), but once cooked I could have wedged doors open with these all-in-oners. Has anyone else found this? Delia can’t be wrong, surely? Maybe I should go for round two, if only for the extensive taste testing…


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