confessions & introductions

I feel a little creepy admitting this, but I’m a bit of a lurker. For years I’ve followed (worshiped) craft and interiors blogs, silently clicking around like some kind of internet ninja. A tad weird, eh? One of my new year’s resolutions was to take a deep breath and grow some blogging balls, so threeish months later and balls finally intact, here I am – welcome to Make Bake Decorate! In the spirit of getting chatty, let me tell you a bit about it…

Lots has changed recently. Big stuff. I’m still the same girl who spoons peanut butter into her gob whilst watching Location, Location, Location, but everything else has gone doolally. Basically, I got a promotion at work (yes!), waved goodbye to my lovely housemate, and by some miracle, now live in the most gorgeous flat EVER.

So I’m starting this blog as one massive before and after shot. Although my flat is beautiful, it’s bare. It has furniture and peanut butter (see above) and not much else. I’m hoping that by the process of creative osmosis, or hilarious trial and error, getting busy with washi tape and jelly rolls will transform me into a mini Nigella. Either way, I’m sussing out what a bain-marie is.

Or that’s the plan, at least. Considering my last attempt at baking created ‘Cruel Cookies’ and my crochet flowers are unravelling as I type, this makeover could take a while. Onwards and upwards it is, then!


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